tina (hachou) wrote in 3gatsu_no_lion,

Welcome to 3gatsu_no_lion

Welcome to 3gatsu_no_lion!!!
Here in this community, we talk about Umino Chica's new manga called 3 gatsu no Lion or known in english as March comes in like a Lion!

1. Talking about 3gatsu is always welcome here, but be sure to stay on topic!
2. If you don't tag your own posts, the maintainers reserve the right to tag them for you.
3. Discussing about latest/previous chapters is allowed but be sure to put them in an lj-cut. I don't think people would like to read spoilers.
4. Posts the maintainers and I find offensive shall be deleted without a second thought. =D
5. We are against violence in this community. ;__;
6. Fanarts and fanfics are allowed.
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